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Hi friends  today we talk about google ad sense alternatives

google adsense is a good way to earn money from affiliate marketing.

sometimes its not easy to get approval

from google adsense  its take months to get approval.

but new bloggers have some other alternatives to earn money with low traffic.

1   media. net –  Its a yahoo bling adsense  similar to google adsense

its give the same payout as google adsense.

2. chitikaIts serve only contextual ads its a good option of adsense its give  minimum 10$ payout by paypal.

Its also give referral program.Its also provide affiliated banners.


3. yllix media- It has a decent cpm yllix has pop under ads ,mobile redirects , sliders , layer ads.


4. popcash- popcash is very good network  they pay you via paypal, payza with minimum payout.Its also provide good referral program

5. amazon associates-amazon its a big name is affiliae marketing  though its not a pay per click program but you can put his ads and make a link to the amazon online store product. if someone makes a sell from your link

you will get commission according to the product category from 2 % to 10%

It may be vary from product to product. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork


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