Best original english poems

Dear Relationships (Poetry)

Relationship is a realization

Who is with you
Words that are spoken in the heart and in the heart, are very special.
 Do not let those relationships be woven with lies
 Do not let those relationships change like a weather
Hold this delicate thread

Where is the thread that gets involved, solve it

Do not consider relationships as your binding

Where is this relationship to meet everyone?

Where love meets your relationship

Where is the relationship without love?

This is the relationship that makes you feel
Identify your loved ones

These relationships, these relationships

Dear Relationships


I know that friendship is well

 The color of life that is full of childhood

What is with childhood

Not gone yet because friends do not separate me

 Never fight, but sometimes we keep fighting together

 When I happened to be troubled you said that everything will be fine

 My friend has given you such a saying

Rightly said someone is friend friend

Aspects of life (poetry)

These two aspects of life

 Who are constantly together

Who constantly explain this to us

Ever happiness is ever sad

Life is a new form of life

Ever hope is ever frustrating

Life is new thirst

Ever sun is ever

There is a new halt in life

Ever win is a defeat

There are new goals in life

Ever love is ever hate

New relationships of life

Ever laughing ever cry

Teach new ways in life

Never born ever dies

This is an eternal act in life

Who are constantly together

Who constantly explain this to us

  These two aspects of life

Who always stay together.


Old age poetry

It is like an old age, as if there were so many beautiful paths and no ending

 How many things were not ending, those moments in childhood

Staying away aggravates old age, mistakes made in the youth give new learning.

Every season comes and gives love to its share

Sticks in your hands, glasses in the eyes, as they are saying that we are now with you

Now, no part of fashion - race, not shopping, now it seems all waste

What is the riddle of the forehead, is it enough to tell what-what is in this life

Sometimes friends were surrounded by relatives and used to roam every hill station.

Now it is being confined to the park and house where

This is what the old woman says, that come watch me two times

And then in the moments of your childhood and youth

It is such a lazy old age. .........


love poetry

I wish this time it will stop

Heart comes to lips

Say no people love this time

O God, they too should snatch the heart

Sneak peeking


It feels good to be happy in yourself

I like styling in friends

I like to tease my friends

Then she smiles like

Sneak peeking

remember poetry

Remember that amazing night

Remember the hand touching each other

They remember the alpha which was decorated on the lips, do not speak to them

Staying Faint While Beating, Remember To Be Faster

In the mirror, remembering her, look at Aks

He misses the eyelids and laughs

Hey, listen to them, remember to be restless

Remember to forget all by putting heads in their arms

 She remembers that wonderful night