(Depression (the remedy to overcome depression) depression

Nature is the best medicine for depression-yoga-morning walk-good music-good sleep-all helps in fighting with depression.

(Depression (the remedy to overcome depression) depression

Depression is a common problem in today’s modern era, life has become quite fast and comfortable, but people have also been stressed when tension begins to worsen your mental and physical problem: your health starts getting worse

Remedies to overcome:

Focus on your diet Use vegetables and fruits in your diet

Stay away from alcohol and smoking, they will surely give you the happiness of a moment because this gives happy hormones from your brain for some time but it is a temporary that makes you addicted to it, it makes your body impaired.

Do the same thing as an interest

Do yoga in the morning, walk in the park in the morning or practice Deep Breathing, only by the advice of your doctor.

It will relax your mind for some time to listen to good music

Start meeting people, keep yourself busy in good work

Keep Your Attitude Positive Keep Your Thinking Positive

 Get your sleep done for at least 8 hours.



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