how to increase traffic bring traffic from other resources for blogger


Hi friends , today we will talk about how to increase the traffic specially for those who are new blogger and not getting enough traffic-;

1.  make sure your blog is original and not inspired by any special one.

2. Present the content of the blog and images in responsive manner.

3. Never use the paid traffic for the first time. you can’t urge people to join you

4. Facebook– friends Facebook is the right platform for new bloggers to share your post.

Make your own page-; share and post your blogs there

join the groups of the same subject in what you are blogging

pass your comments if you like other’s post.

Twitter– Friends twitter is also good platform to share your post and increase the traffic

Just post your blog in presentable manner

Use google webmaster, google analytical tools to analyize your data connection with traffic

join the communities as a guest and present your views to make you visible in public.

LinkedIn is another platform to post your blog and leave your link so they can reach your blogger site.

Seo -search engine optimization helps to improve your google ranking

There are some your useful Seo tools who could help you to rank your blog in a better way

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Digg- Its a good social network website here you can submit your link for your blogger.

google plus – Its a good platform to increase your traffic here you can join any community of  your interest and post your article or link.

pinterest – if you want to bring traffic from outside of india its a good option you can pin your post and generate your traffic.

Reddit– Its also a good option to bring USA-UK traffic for your blogger but read the rules and regulation before posting any post.

Stumblr-Its a social platform where you can post your link,photo,quotes,text etc (outside india)



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