Nutritious food


Today has changed so much that people like to eat more junk food than nutritious food. And to which he falls ill. We must eat nutritious food to avoid all these diseases. 

The nutritional value of food means vitamin and mineral elements which are found in the fruits of vegetables and grains and pulses of pulses.

Fat: The outer cover of the kiosks is made in fat. Fats rich in animal fat is saturated fat. While unsaturated fat is high in vegetation. It gives us plenty of fat in almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, linseed seeds, sesame seeds etc. Which is right for our health.

Protein: Similarly, approximately 25 percent of protein in every cell is made.

There is a continuous improvement of our cells from the proteins. Protein is found in skin, muscular . Meat-fish, eggs, etc. get 20_ 25 percent protein. Whereas soybean contains 4O percent protein. It takes more time to digest meat and fish. While soybeans, sprouted pulses are better in quality as well as digestion. Because it is alkaline.

Sugar without vitamins and mineral elements gives only calories to our body, not nutritiousness. Vitamin B complex is reduced from sugar. To maintain the normal amount of sugar in the blood, instead of sugar, instead of sugar, raisins, sugarcane, dates, mango, banana, grapes and honey should be used. Similarly our body also needs carbohydrate. Which we get from grains and vegetables.