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Ifttt (Autopost- blogging)

Hi friends today I will talk about a autopost program called ifttt which is some like buffer.

But it gives a better tools management unlike buffer.

Hi friends Its a applets service platform.

Its a autopost applet free program. You can sign up 100% free.

logic is simple

you have to create an applet to  autopost from one social platform(source) to other social platform.

you can make multiple applets.

you can even autopost like RSS FEED to other platform


Autopost from twitter to facebook

facebook to linkedin

blogger to facebook

here you can see your post activities

you can also use pre-installed applets.

best of luck !!!!!!



Its a auto post program .Its a good program for those who wants to save time posting links to all social programs.

Its a top seo tool.

It provides free and pro sign up program.

You can use free campaign for post your  posts or links .

10 posts are allowed per social network.

3 social platforms allowed to post

Upgrade version-

You can use 100 posts per soical platforms.

you can use all social platforms to posts.

Plans start from the $15 a month.

all the best !!!!



Dear friends Its a content research tool like google keyword planner but its give you more features.

You can search for most trending content keyword for writing a blog.

Its give you a feature to look for most trending keyword on social media  platform.

Overall Its a good tool to use  for searching a keyword content for new blogs.

Plans starting from $39 to $80

Free plan with limited features.

Top seo tools

You can also convert your links into profitable links just using URL shortners

That tool not only shorten your affiliate links but you can also from that shorten links.

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Dear friends if you are taking your career seriously in blogging then you need a good but economical hosting platform so not go for free hosting or blogging platform

Read more Budget hosting


Dear friends if you want earn money without investing money in wordpress or hosting then go for PTC or SURVEY websites.

Read more on Ptc-Survey Online money.





Friends Its a  simple keyword tool presented by Mr. Neil Patel.

It gives you keyword analyzer like google ad word but It is so simple to use and understand the reports.

It will give you high volume of keyword plus CPC and ranking of the key.




Friends today we will talk about a new tool to deliver a post to many social platform

It will cut short your valuable time and also help in boost your traffic.

You can post to as many social platform as facebook tumblr,twitter etc

Its also give you a feature to post RSS FEED .

It has a dashing dashboard to provide you live streaming of your social platforms.

You also can use many tools to analyize your reports.

The best part of this tool is to give you a shorten your link facility .


Longtail pro- is more than a keyword search tool. Packed with many features

including Check  keyword ranking from top search engines, Check the best keyword according to the countries search and other filters.

competitive analysis, import upto 10,000 keywords at a time.