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austria country (Austria)

Friends, today we will talk about a country surrounded by the Alps mountains and where the views are made

Austria is an european whose capital is Vienna

Its official language is German but here the Hungarian and Slovene languages ​​are also spoken

Austia's economy is very strong here, copper and gold are found here, although the farming is low because it is surrounded by mountains, but the export of timber is the country's top 5 I

Here the salt graphite magnesite is found in very large quantities

In Austria, sheep pigs and goats are very rich, from which a lot of quantities are produced and exported by the wool and many milk producers.

Austria's flag is the oldest in the world

In Austria, there will be a great variety of food like Gulash, Taffelpitz, Wiener Schneitzel, etc.

In Austria, most are associated with Catholic religion

A lot of places to visit in Belgrade

The literacy rate in Austria is very strong. I'm a technology industry advocate, especially in the automobile industry.


Spain (country spain)

Friends today talk about a country that is famous for its bull fight Spain
Madrid is Spain's capital, it is a European country and it is a member of the European Union.

Its official language is Spanish

Spain  currency is euro and Spanish papeta

There is a lot of trend in football in Spain: there are many world famous clubs in Spain

A bull fight in Spain Another game is very popular, people consider such a custom

There are plenty of places to visit in Spain, it is famous for its hotels tourists and leisure activities.

In Spain, there is a tremendous trend of watching and playing football, here millions of people are passionate about it.

Christianity is the largest religion here

There are so many places to roam around, such as Barcelona, ​​this city is especially famous for football

Famous buildings built by architect Antoine are very famous

The mountains here and the architect buildings built on them look very beautiful

The food here is very popular such as Croquetus, Tortilla Espanola, Pisto, Palella, Pron in Fried Garlic and Famous Bean Staves and Slides etc.



Friends, today we will talk about a country that is famous for its beaches Seychelles
The water here is clear and blue, it is a nation of 115 islands that fall in Africa

Its capital is Victoria

Here's the official language of French and English and Seychelles CEROLE, it is known for its expensive hotels, resorts and lounge fun

Its population is less than one lakh rice and fish are the main food here

Here, more than 90 percent of people adopt Christianity. These countries compete with Europe in living conditions.

Tourism is the main industry here, millions of people come here every year to visit here: there are many Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

The official currency here is Seychelles, this country is dependent on the external world for other products due to being surrounded by sea.



Friends Maldives is the South Asian country country
The capital of the Maldives is Malé
Maldivian currency is Maldive Rufiyaa
In Maldives, there is 1192 small small coral islands surrounded by water from the Maldives all around and can only be reached by boat or by airway.
Tourism industry and fish are the main resources of earning here
The beach is quite clean in the Maldives.
There are plenty of places to visit in the Maldives such as the National Museum
Male Friday Moske, Mafashi is famous for scuba diving
Maldives has a longstanding relation with India, here centuries ago people from the state of Kerala came to India, the Maldives is a Muslim country.
Literacy rate is above 95, the official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi
Maldives is famous for diving, here a lot of sharks are seen.

Sweden (country)

Friends today we will talk about Sweden

Sweden is a democratic country based in the north of the continent of Europe

Its official language is Swedish; boundaries of this country are surrounded by countries like Norway, Finland and Denmark, its capital is Stockholm.

Swedish currency is Swedish krona

Sweden is a great place to visit, such as Stockholm Palace, Nobel Museum, Ice Hotel, Theme Park etc.

In Sweden, there is considerable variety of food such as Swedish meatballs, raggery cinnamon buns, toast scales etc.

Swedish people drink more coffee than other countries

People of this country use tomato catachapas the most

Sweden has more literacy rates

IT companies in Sweden are more established.

Some exciting things about peru



Peru is a country located in South America, with a population of around 30 million. Peru's capital is Lima. Sixty-five percent of Peru is surrounded by Amazon, the main language is Spanish and Quechua.

The world's most dangerous desert is found in Peru

Tourism industry in Peru is the main means of earning

Literacy rate in Peru is above 90. Here are the major resources of fish and minerals

Peru is the sixth largest producer of gold in the world, there is plenty of corn cultivation

Peru is the world's eighth largest producer of coffee in the world, the world's largest flower plant Eucalyptus is found in Peru.

Peru's official currency Nueva Sol is Peru, do not forget to visit Toh Machu, if you go, this is Peru's most preferred tourist destination


Friends Nepal is a country of South Asia Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. The world's tallest mountain top is Mount Everest in Nepal, which attracts lakhs of people from the world to visit. The oldest temple of Shivaji in Nepal is Pashupati Nath Temple, coming from India The tourist does not need a passport here

The currency here is the Nepalese rupee

Dal Bhat Tarakari is the main food there

Nepal's population is more than 29 million

Friends are Gorkha Nepali who are known for their heroism.

The first King of Nepal was Prithvi Narayan Shah Ji and Gyanendra Veer Vikram Shah ji is the King of Nepal. There are many places of worship in Nepal. There are many temples and Bodh Stupa.

There are many lakes here. There is the birth place of Lord Buddha in Lumbini, here is the birth place of Lord Sita in Janakkpur. Was born here

there are enough hotels here and can come from the plane and bus.